Monday, May 21, 2012

Check your PC for DNSChanger malware

PETALING JAYA: Internet policeman CyberSecurity Malaysia has a tool that will help computer users rid their machines of the DNSChanger malware (malicious software).
If their PCs have been compromised, they can download the tool from the website to remove the malware.
DNSChanger enables cybercriminals to gain control of the infected PCs and direct the users to a fradulent or phishing site, according to an FBI website.
The malware changes the infected machine's DNS server settings and replaces the connection to an Internet service provider's DNS servers with one to a rogue server operated by the cybercriminal.
CyberSecurity said it began receiving reports of the malware infecting computers in the country from November, last year. About 1,500 Internet service providers and network owners have been affected.
"Our Cyber999 Computer Security Incidents Help Centre has been contacting PC owners about the infection, but there are still a number of computers out there that are infected," said Lt Col (ret) Prof Datuk Husin Jazri, CyberSecurity's chief executive.
"We hope the tool will help users to detect and remove the malware themselves."
Check at pc Here

if detect please refer here to remove it