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Friday, December 13, 2013

Alien Thief game

Aliens have finally discovered earth! They are extremely curious and want to learn more about the strange species on the planet below them, but they need help! Give them a hand gathering human specimens so you can stay alive in this cool game about abducting humans for research in alien laboratories. 

Move around - Use arrow/W,A,S,D keys or the mouse. Pick up a specimen - Spacebar or left mouse button

Download link :-
Download Alien Thief

Password if need :-

Angry Alien

In this Angry Birds-like game you try to hit the astronauts with the help of the 'angry' aliens, that all have their own characteristics. You shoot them all in the direction of the astronauts, hoping to hit them at the right spot. The yellow aliens just fly, they don't really have special characteristics. The black ones explode, the green ones split up into three aliens, the red ones throw bombs and the blue ones fly extra fast. Have fun playing this challenging and addictive game! Controls: Hold the left mouse button while determining the shooting direction and force.

Download link :-

Password if need :-